The here and now


旧制中学卒業後より在家のまま道元禅師(曹洞宗の開祖)の正法眼蔵(しょうぼうげんぞう)を学んだみつを。 その人生と作品の根底には道元禅師の教えが深く刻まれている。

After graduating from junior high school, Mitsuo studied the Shobogenzo(The True Dharma-Eye Treasury)of Dogen Zenji (founder of The Soto Zen School) without becoming a monk.
The teachings of Dogen Zenji are deeply engraved in the foundation of his life and works.

Four prayer



At the age of 17, he began his career as a calligrapher, and at the age of 22, he was awarded the first prize in the nation. He was selected for the Mainichi Calligraphy Exhibition, the pinnacle of calligraphy, for seven consecutive years.
He was considered a promising budding calligrapher. Of course, he can also write traditional Chinese characters in standard style. However, he realized that just writing beautifully is not enough to impress people, so he created his own unique typeface that suits his own words.

On rainy days,

be in the rain

on windy days,

be in the wind



The balance and blank spaces are all thoroughgoingly calculated.
The spaces are not only visible, but the artist has created his works that reflects the person's heart in blank spaces between words.
It is written by a very intelligent calculation.